Development Team Six Group 3 - Silver Team is based in Arizona, USA. Due to closure of Gold Team and inactivity of Red Team, Silver Team has become th[...]


Our Group IV, based in Germany, is one of our most active teams focusing on reenactment and MILSIM in several projects. The members work on different [...]


Development Team Six GROUP 4 Striker One team hails from Germany, Europe and are one of the best impressionist teams focusing on the renowned SEAL Tea[...]


Development Team Six Group V - GreyGroup members hail from one of the coldest habitable places on Earth – Norway. They have a long history of NSWDG im[...]


Based in Austria, Development Team Six Group 7 is one of the oldest teams in our roster. Since it's foundation the team has been restructured several [...]


In May 2013, a new team from Switzerland joined our DT6 family. Their mission is to connect Swiss Airsoft MILSIM players and try to expand GROUP 10 to[...]


Based in Bangkok, Thailand, Development Team 6 Group 11 members are one of the best and most accurate DEVGRU reenactors with a proven reputation in th[...]


TF 6-24 team, which acts as our Development Team Six GROUP 12, has a long and proven history of DEVGRU reenactment and is based in France. It can easi[...]


Development Team Six Group XV/TF 2-94 are NSW/DEVGRU re-enactors besed in Dubai, UAE.  It's selected members are drafted from Team F.E.A.R. an all Fil[...]


Wolfpack Special Operations Group was created early 2012 in Eskisehir, Turkey. In 2014 they have joined the DT6 MILSIM conglomerate and have since bee[...]