In May 2013, a new team from Switzerland joined our DT6 family. Their mission is to connect Swiss Airsoft MILSIM players and try to expand GROUP 10 to new limits; the team is composed of a mixture of  13 civilians and active and former MIL and LEO personnel.
They pride themselves with practicing strict military doctrine in their training, preparation and MILSIM events. This is further corroborated with their structure that is meant to increase their efficiency both in Airsoft and in real combat operations for those currently serving.
The team takes pride in the attention to detail, and their style of play emphasizes the use of tactics, strategy, and all other elements of REALSIM. With impeccable precision, discretion and perseverance, Group 10 is also representing Swiss values. 
The Task Force is a combination of inspiration from DEVGRU, SEAL and CAG personnel.
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